don't believe what you think!

We have 50-70,000 thoughts a day. Just under one a second. As many as 98% of them the same as yesterday.

And repetitive thoughts are what beliefs are made of. All that may be interesting. What I think is important is that thoughts, and this beliefs, are mostly negative. Yes. Think about it. How many times can you chew over that incident that got you bothered. Compared to that moment that delighted you. Which thoughts jump into your head in a loop? I advocate gratitude practices. And I wish mine competed with the headspace ruminating consumes...

That we focus on the negative makes sense. We are hard-wired to look for risks so we can protect ourselves from them. It is a primal protective instinct. It is also efficient to notice mistakes. We are creatures of habit. And one habit is expecting consistent behaviour. Thus we notice mistakes as they are sources of inconsistency that violate our expectations and disrupt our flow.

Efficiency doesn't lead us to notice positive acts (unless they are extraordinary) in the same way as we expect them; they don't disrupt our flow. 

And this focus on the negative, perversely, strikes us hardest when we are lacking confidence and most need some positive belief in ourselves... 

Of course, if you have the presence of mind to observe and then consciously chose what is helpful for you to think then believe away!