my work matters, because you do

I am here to be a powerful catalyst for positive and sustainable change in the world and to amplify the brilliance in those that seek to change their lives and worlds. I do this through supporting individuals, groups, organisations and communities to raise awareness, make conscious and purposeful choices, and follow through with relevant actions.

I work with individuals, teams and organisations to increase performance and fulfilment, building resilience, enhancing personal leadership and capabilities in order to create the results and change people and organisations want to see.

I want all voices to be heard and respected and to grow the powerful leader in everyone. I want to support individuals in becoming aware of - and valuing - their true expression of a well-lived and meaningful life.

I believe all challenges present us with relevant information and opportunities for growth, and that taking responsibility for the leadership of our own lives is fundamental to our fulfilment and sense of satisfaction. I believe how we relate to ourselves, others, and events, is what shapes how we live our lives, and that this is a choice we make. I believe our purpose seeks to be expressed. I believe in strengthening our resilience - through awareness and lifestyle choices - so that we are resourced to deal with the challenges life presents us with, and can thrive in doing what matters most. 

I give back by donating a minimum equivalent of 10% of my paid time time towards supporting other change makers in launching their projects, or by providing pro-bono coaching to Leadership working in development and humanitarian efforts. I am currently working with the UN Development Programme on their Leadership Development Pathway (LDP) Programme in the US, and Save the Children's Leadership Development Programme and the Aspire Foundation's Mentorship programme in the UK.

I am a straightforward communicator, caring, resourceful, provocative, sensitive, open, creative, and passionate about nurturing and growing the powerful leader in everyone. 

#SystemsThinker #Stevie Wonder #earthships #smoothies #creative #yoga #dance

#SystemsThinker #Stevie Wonder #earthships #smoothies #creative #yoga #dance

my background

I draw upon my own life journey, a decade of coaching experience, my HR and business background (see my bio below), intuition, and what I know about the scientific and motivational aspects of what drives performance, resilience, change and happiness.

My background comprises nearly half a century of observing human nature, in various contexts, trying to figure out why we do what we do, and to what end. I apparently asked “whassamatta?” (“what is the matter?”) more than the average toddler. My mother also informs me that as a child I also upset at least one childminder with my 'too many' questions. My concern, and desire to help people feel better was was followed through with efforts – doubtless often misplaced, clumsy and failed - to boost and inspire. As an adult, I am more interested in people doing and being better. And this is why, in 2008, I started training as a professional Coach, to gain the skills and techniques to be considerably better placed to support those around me achieving just that - people feeling, being and doing 'better', by their own definition of this word. There was no life-defining moment, rather a series of meaningful twists and turns that have brought me to where I am ...

my bio

  • Over twenty years’ experience in regional and global Human Resources leadership roles

  • Depth and breadth in all aspects of HR, Change and Project & General Management, and M&A activities

  • I have worked across continents for both the private and not-for-profit sectors: dynamic and fast-growing start-ups, large multinationals, and humanitarian and development not-for-profit

  • I have defined People strategies, built and managed entire global HR functions and worked at strategic and tactical level to ensure business and operational needs were met. This includes, and is not limited to Compensation, Performance, Recruitment and Talent Management Programmes, Leadership Development, HRIS implementation

  • Latterly, I held the posts of Global Head of HR and Group Development manager at a fast-growing international company

  • I am passionate about Organisational Development, Leadership, and Change Management, Resilience and Health - individual, organizational and societal

  • I hold a triple-degree from the UK, Germany and France, where I read Law, Economics and Business Management and later went on to complete an MBA in Barcelona

  • I am also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (ICF-accredited), Authorised Facilitator of Team Coaching International Team Diagnostics and have completed and certified in a number of advanced coaching trainings and diagnostic tools

  • I am a faculty member of Coaches Training Institute and Team Coach International

  • English is my mother tongue and I speak fluent French, German and Spanish. I also understand a fair bit of spoken and gesticulated Italian ...

Please see my accreditations and affiliations for more information on my coaching credentials. My LinkedIn profile contains further details about my education and professional experience.