leadership is for everyone

Be you a business leader, people manager, an employee, solopreneur or artist... Titles don't make leaders. Leadership can be defined a number of ways and I define it as taking responsibility for your world. We all live in a complex, volatile, uncertain and changing environment in which we are bombarded by data and demands on our attention. On a daily basis, you are faced with choices and dilemmas.  And amongst the business and noise, challenges and opportunities are abound! You are squeezed for time. As a leader, you take responsibility for your choices, and what they create. And others are watching you like a hawk, and are affected by your choices…

life is a creative process

Our thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, choices, actions and words are our tools that we use to create our experiences and circumstances. You want to thrive, embrace opportunities, experience the multi-coloured richness of relationships with self, others and events. Connecting to what gives your life purpose, creatively expanding the opportunities, getting clear on what is important to you, choosing what is next, and taking purposeful action will have you lead a life of your design, in integrity with your values. Coaching is a process of both reflection and action. Book a no-obligation, free sample session to explore how coaching can help.

What are you choosing now?


if you feel ...

  • your life is lived more by default and less by your own design

  • you could make more of a positive difference - in your team, organisation, family, community

  • that your relationships are a source of stress

  • at a crossroads or turning point - perhaps you are managing a life transition: career, business launch, relationship, move, illness ...

  • a yearning for change but without clarity on which direction to take

  • you have clarity on what you want to achieve and get stuck on the path, or in your own way

  • pulled between competing priorities and wanting to find more balance, flow and joy in life

  • moved to increase your impact in your world, and develop self-mastery

... like you want more … then you may well benefit from coaching

coaching is a partnership that supports the leader in you

You deserve support. Insights in to what fuels your fire, energises your creative nature, and gives your life purpose put a bounce in your step. Expanding perspectives opens up new opportunities. Understanding what holds you back provides useful insights and learning that can unlock your untapped potential. Action that supports you doing what matters to you can be a step or a leap in the right direction. To thrive is to feel alive. Coaching taps in to your wisdom to get clarity on what is important to you, reveals the dynamics in your life that support and hinder you, and supports you moving forward to create the life that is true for you. you matter & your choices matter


why me?


I build trust, listen deeply and without judgment, perceive what is unspoken and speak to what is needed, to explore multiple perspectives, and to sense what is wanting to emerge. I am fascinated by system, culture and human nature and chose to specialise in Organisational Development, Team Dynamics, Leadership and Resilience. My unique approach to coaching, involves playfulness, humour, frankness, compassion, and a bit of daring and eccentricity. You feel safe and open to explore, learn and grow. Don’t take my word for it - see the words of some past clients and book a no-obligation, free sample session to explore for yourself.