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the act of leadership

an act of creating the future


individual leadership coaching, team and organisational development to support growth, resilience, transformation, performance and living a life well-lived

Our well-being, resilience, and sustained performance -as an individualgroup, organisation and society- relies on how we perceive the world, manage our energy, connect with others, and are able to respond to life’s challenges with creativity and resourcefulness.

I believe that life is a creative process. That our thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, choices, actions and words are our tools that we use to create our experiences. And that the act of creating the future is an act of leadership. We are all leaders.

I facilitate processes to turn knowledge into insights and to drive action that matters


work with me

I work with teams, organisations and individuals seeking to create sustainable and desired change


individual coaching

everyone is a leader


team development

facilitation, training, coaching, diagnostics


organisational change

cultural change and hr consulting


Simone has over 20 years’ experience in global and regional HR leadership and Business Partnering roles, spanning multiple contexts and structures. A generalist by nature, Simone thinks bigger picture and is human-centric in her approach. She is an accredited ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) trained in various advanced coaching and facilitation methods. She has a talent for disrupting status quo thinking and creating clarity in complexity and can ask a lot of questions in the 4 languages in which she is fluent. Simone is passionate about unlocking potential and conversations that generate insight and impact and about creating more societal justice.

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