team leadership, hr consulting and personal coaching to support growth, resilience, transformation, performance and living a life well-lived

Our well-being, resilience, and sustained performance -as an individualgroup, organisation and society- relies on how we perceive the world, manage our energy, connect with others, and are able to respond to life’s challenges with creativity and resourcefulness. Feeling competent, connected to a higher purpose, able to grow, and having the capacity for self-determination help us thrive. How you lead yourself - and others - affects the quality of your performance and life experience.

I work with teams, organisations and individuals seeking to create sustainable and desired change

Our capacity to adapt and thrive – as a team, organisation or individual – is not equal, and varies over time. We have deeply ingrained thought and behavioural patterns, and operate in a wider system, subject to various cultural forces. Some factors help us cope, perform at our best, and set us up for success on our own terms. While others have a tendency to reinforce dynamics that undermine us, and – individually and collectively – get in the way of our desired outcome. Meanwhile, even if we desire change it can be elusive – motivation is not enough. The art and science of change considers how we relate – to events, others and ourselves. Creating conscious transformation and leading with integrity requires awareness, clarity, conscious choices and relevant and timely actions. And a good dose of courage and compassion doesn't go amiss in the mix either.

I facilitate processes to turn knowledge into insights and to drive relevant action

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