I support teams and organisations in transition

With a focus on sustainable performance through building resilience and flexing the muscle of participatory leadership, I blend diagnostics, analysis and drive with a human-centred, collaborative approach to create desired results.

I partner with diverse clients, tailored to their specific needs 

A background comprising over 20 years in global and regional HR leadership and Business Partnering roles has affords me breadth and depth in all areas of HR practices. Across the globe, my experience has been gained across multiple contexts and structures - private & not-for-profit sectors; start-up, scale-up, conglomerate; matrix, functional, product, geographic; Consulting, Oil & Gas, and Performance Materials. 

For more information on my credentials please see my bio and my accreditations and affiliations pages.


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I co-create, design and deliver solutions to meet relevant needs in a variety of domains. 

Expertise areas include:

  • People Strategy

  • Cultural Change and Change Management

  • M&A and HR due diligence

  • Organisational Development & the Future of Work

  • Leadership Development & Coaching as a Manager

  • Executive and Team coaching

  • Diagnostics of team and organisational dynamics

  • Workforce resilience & performance initiatives

  • Performance, Talent and Competency Models

  • Results-based management

  • HRIS implementation and process blue-printing

  • HR Function structure and development

I believe in workplaces in which all workers - managers, employees, external workers - are able to thrive

Culture (the way things work about here - a way of being that will develop and evolve over time) and engagement (how people feel about the way things work around here) are distinct. And linked. And between them they determine performance.

I have a particular passion for working with organisations seeking to promote environmentally responsible, inspiring, purpose-driven and effective ways of working to create positive impact for the greater good. Sustainably high performance is a product of clarity of purpose, highly collaborative engagement, creativity and adherence to agreed working principles.