your growth is not my goal

There was a time I thought it was. I believed it had to be. Heck, the words 'your growth is my goal' stood in bold text on my website... And then I saw it is not true.

For if it was then I would be attached to it; I would want you to change. [And this could have me doing all kinds of [crazy] things to manoeuvre you into my interpretation of your agenda. And for sure I would have listened carefully to you as you talked of your desires, ambitions, objectives... And my interpretation may even be spot on. And your goal posts may even have remained unmoved. I may even succeed. Point is: your growth would need to be your goal. You must be attached to it. For it to happen. And I must avoid - even any attempt - to 'fix' it so it happens. 

So, I want growth for you. And I will be tickled all colours of the rainbow when you achieve your goal(s). And can facilitate the process. And neither your growth not your goals are mine. They are yours to keep. 

My goal is to be the best coach I can be. And that is the truth.

Honest conversations is what I want. All round. This is what I facilitate. Between you and I. And with you and yourself. Even when it is uncomfortable. And it will be at times. 

From that, growth and transformation are inevitable byproducts.