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Photography by Dilshad Corleone


How you perceive and interpret events in your life, relate to other people, and your relationship with yourself determines how you run your life.

In coaching, we explore these relationship dynamics - the patterns that play out in your life – and how they currently support or undermine you.

Revealing these patterns - in beliefs, thoughts and behaviours - is a first step. With this awareness - and the further insights gained from exploring new perspectives - you are then better equipped to make conscious choices that better serve you – what you are seeking to create, and who you are becoming.

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Feeling energized and being optimally resourced with all that nourishes you - rest, diet, relationships, purpose - is something that is going to support you in your ventures and quests, whatever they may be. As well as have you bounce back in the face of adversity.

Challenges and set-backs affect us all. Fortunately! For as little as we may appreciate them at the time, they test our commitment to what is really important - providing us with key information about ourselves. Indeed, a certain level of stress is necessary for optimal performance. For sure, stress is inevitable, and universal. We are all impacted by stressors, throughout our lives. Not least in times of transformation and sustainable change. However, our ability to deal with these stressors varies widely. And this ability can be learnt. At any age. And also lost. Your resilience – physical, mental, emotional wellbeing – is what fuelsyour version of success. Thus, your vitality and energy management naturally feature - in fore or background – as part of a coaching engagement.

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As an intransitive verb, for living organisms, is defined as

  • to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way

  • to achieve success

  • to be in a state of activity or production

  • to reach a height of development or influence

In your life, You get to define what flourish means for you. 

Clarity on your purpose is in itself a leap in the right direction of connecting you to those activities that have you thrive; make you feel alive!

My goal is your growth - to connect you to what fuels your fire, energises your creative nature and generally puts a bounce in your step. 

Getting clarity is in itself a leap in the right direction. Connecting to what gives your life purposeexpanding the opportunities, and taking action will have you steps nearer to relishing the fruits of the life You are creating

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Simone Reeves